Are you ready for some GDPR realness? No that isn’t a dyslexic acronym for RuPaul’s Drag Race! I’m committed to keeping your private information private. This page is here to give you all the information about how your data is collected, used and stored just in case you were curious.

Tracking and Cookies
You better make yourself a cuppa’ because it’s time to talk Cookies. This websites use Cookies to collect information such as browsing behavior, like how many times users have clicked certain pages of this website, or whether you’ve already chosen to ignore the mailing list pop up. All this information is anonymous, I don’t have access to view personal IP Addresses either.

Information regarding where my viewers are accessing my website from is also tracked- I’m huge in the Philippines- but rest assured, this data is anonymous too and will remain anonymous, so click away at your heart’s content.

The Data I Hold
Is your inbox always flooded with newsletters? It’s annoying when companies send an onslaught of e-mails to get you to buy their products. If you sign up to my mailing list you can expect to receive an email about once a month. This allows fans to keep up to date with everything that’s going on- gossip, show dates and important information. This data is never sold on to others.

The third-party mailing list provider MailChimp delivers all of my newsletters and you can unsubscribe at anytime using the link at the bottom of any email sent to you. If you are on my mailing list you’ll receive an email asking whether you want to continue being on the list before 25th May 2018.  If you want to know more or just want an easier way to unsubscribe then why not email niall[at]

Tickets and Box Office
Tickets for all shows are organised through the ticketing websites Eventbrite and/or OutSavvy. OutSavvy are a great independent channel for LGBTQ performers to sell tickets to fabulous individuals like you. These sites store your data electronically on their own private servers. This data is only accessible by myself and under very rare circumstances someone who is working on behalf of ‘Fagulous’. These instances include, but are not limited to ticket and guest list administration. The limited data you provide might be shared with venues, but they will not be able to contact you unless you select otherwise during the ticket booking process.

In short. I only have access to the information you manually provide when you purchase a ticket to a show or sign up to my mailing list. You are entitled to view, amend, or delete the personal information that I hold. Email your request to hello[at]