Here you’ll find all of Fagulous’ quirky characters that have been gracing the London cabaret stages.

Fagulous as Kate Bush

Fagulous’ Kate Bush has been impressing the London homosexualists for over two years and still proves to be a massive hit.

Fagulous as Helena Bonham Carter

Helena Bonham Carter is quirky, crazy and wonderfully fabulous. Fagulous’ H.B.C routine includes audience interaction, walkabout and a cabaret number explaining exactly why this Hampstead chick turned crazy!

Fagulous as Ann Widdecombe

Fagulous is London’s most fabulous (and probably only) Ann Widdecombe impressionist! If you think Ann Widdecombe wouldn’t be seen dead in a gay bar…THINK AGAIN!
Ann is available as a walkabout act, host, compere or full on camp cabaret routine.

Fagulous as Fanny Cradock

Fanny Cradock, the forgotten legend of celebrity chefs has been cooking up a treat across London with this hilarious messy routine.

Fagulous as Liza Minnelli

Liza Minnelli is Fagulous’ staple walkabout act performing and hosting in venues across the UK. Complete with iconic Minnelli medley, there’s no wonder Fagulous’ Liza remains a hit with audiences again and again!

Fagulous as Victoria Beckham

The newest routine in Fagulous’ repertoire, a dark twist on the more traditional impressions of Posh Spice. As well as a gorgeously macabre cabaret routine, Victoria is available on request for walkabout.

Fagulous as Gok Wan

Yes girlfriend it’s Gok Wan! Gok is naughty but nice and a hit amongst audiences with his camp as tits style. Available for walkabout, audience interaction and spoof make-overs!

Fagulous' Other Characters

Shirley Bassey is a loveable minx, blending Fagulous’ Welsh heritage and tongue in cheek humour. Fagulous’ Bassey is available as a cabaret routine, walkabout, audience interaction and hosting.

Noted as one of Fagulous’ most impeccable impressions, even the real Alan Carr was wowed by it! Available for hosting, compering and audience interaction.

HRH The Duchess of Cambridge/ Kate Middleton the commoner has had audiences in stitches as she divulges the ins and outs of her relationship with ‘posho’ hubby ‘Prince Willz’. Kate dreams of ditching the tiara and becoming an X-Factor super star!

Characters coming soon

Coming soon…
Sylvia Plath, Björk, Kenneth Williams and many many more. Message Fagulous for more details.