Fagulous talks lockdown, Ke$ha, and queer utopia with go-go dancing superstar John Thomas!

So you’ve probably heard the gossip, I’m back at The Glory launching a brand new night National Homo Service on Saturday 26th September and I couldn’t be more excited. It feels like seven billion years since I last terrorised delighted a room full of bonny homosexualists so this show is going to be super special. Naturally I wanted a killer lineup, and let me tell you each performer at National Homo Service is going to be *fire emoji*.

First up we’ve got award winning go-go dancing superstar John Thomas, who’s a total fave at The Glory. He’s got the brawn and the brains to match, I caught up with John while he was deep in thought leafing through pages of José Muñoz’s seminal work Cruising Utopia!

Hey John, so excited for you to be joining us at National Homo Service, I hope you are too! How was lockdown for you? What were your survival techniques?

Fortunately I was already seeing a therapist, so these weekly Skype sessions allowed the chance to reflect and focus my worries. I started lockdown living with my boyfriend, but we broke up – pretty amicably – and I’ve since moved into a lovely homosexual house in Stockwell.

We’ve been loving all your videos for Glory TV, especially the one where you model your favourite underwear! What’s your favourite thing about The Glory and what makes it such a great night out?

My favourite thing about the Glory is its creativity and willingness to be a home for a diverse queer community. Performances are unexpected and varied, and as a queer space it is simultaneously welcoming and political in the solidarity it offers to marginalised peoples. It is also an intimate space – offering the best of both with its homely upstairs pub vibes, and New York basement dance floor.

Not only are you a multi award winning, go-go dancing, scene stealing adult entertainer, but you’re also an academic too. What are you currently researching in your Masters?

My background is in theatre, and I’m currently exploring Queer Utopian theory to critique current theatre practice, and offer a ‘queer utopian rehearsal room of the future’ that has the potential to change the world. Theatres (as with most cultural performance spaces, including clubs) have been affected by Covid-19 lockdowns, as well as the demand for social change. So (if I can find any answers!) I think now is a good time to be proposing radical change.

There are a lot of misconceptions about working in the adult entertainment industry, what’s the biggest myth you’d like to dispel?

 I think all myths are grounded in truth, and I’ve experienced some of them myself as real, wonderful and fantastical events! I think what is important to me through is to share and present myself as a person not just a porn actor, which is more to do with challenging stigma and shame around sex and sexuality. 

Fagulous presents: Vinegar Strokes, John Thomas and Lilly Snatch Dragon- National Homo Service

What would your drag name be and what would your go to song be?

My drag name has been in my head for a while, and that’s Pariah. Though you could argue that John Thomas is a form of drag persona already, performing a version of masculinity for the male ga(y)ze. I don’t have a go-to-song, but I did dream up a Ke$ha tribute show last year, that’s yet to manifest.

Please make the Ke$ha tribute night a thing! National Homo Service is all about having a good laugh in times of woe. What things never fail to make you laugh?

 I think the ridiculous of the everyday. I’m quite childish (and I mean this positively), I’m playful and silly. It helps make life more enjoyable as a grown up if you’re still willing to explore and have fun, without worrying about what people think.

Well there you have it! John Thomas will be joining RuPaul’s Drag Race superstar Vinegar Strokes, queen of comedy burlesque Lilly SnatchDragon, and myself…obviously. Feel free to chat queer utopic potentialities with John in the interval (at a covid secure distance, please!) and don’t forget to book your table for National Homo Service via OutSavvy before they sell out!

👠 National Homo Service 
😷 Saturday 26th September 
💒 The Glory, 281 Kingsland Road, E2 8AS 
💥 Doors 7.00 – Show 7.30

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