Meet internet smashing comedy sensation Sooz Kempner who’ll be starring in Gayeance!

Ahead of my Halloween seance spectacular Gayeance at The Glory I spoke with comedian and singer Sooz Kempner who’ll be helping me summon up some spirits from beyond the grave on Sunday 27th October!

From performing award winning stand up shows to writing viral Tweets it goes without saying that you’ve got incredible talent. What do you think it takes to stand out in the world of comedy?

Thank you! If there was a formula I’d have done it from the beginning but annoyingly I think the way to stand out in the world of comedy is to slog it out at the beginning until you find your voice and then find your audience. To stand out in comedy work hard, be yourself and know you can’t please everybody.

Gayeance is a tongue in cheek celebration of divas dead and gone! You’re very well known for your celebrity impersonations, who is your favourite celebrity to impersonate?

It’s Bernadette Peters who is VERY much alive and will outlive us all. She’s absolutely brilliant and my impersonation is done with pure love but she’s very easy to caricature too and I love it.

If you could resurrect any celeb from beyond the grave who would it be and why?

Amy Winehouse! Taken far too soon and it was in no way inevitable. I’d bring her back, give her a hot dinner, tell her she’s under no obligation to write, gig or record and then we could slag off Dido together.

Gayeance is a bit of a satire of psychic mediums, have you ever dabbled in the powers of the occult?

When I was 11 me and some other year 8 girls went in to the science block toilets and coz I was the lightest #humblebrag (I was emaciated) they got me to lie down and did “light as a feather, stiff as a board”. We got caught my Mr Bradshaw who was way too angry about what we were doing and what was he even doing in the girls toilets anyway?

And finally, what’s the spookiest thing that’s ever happened to you?

OH MY GOD, right, when I was 17 I used to babysit some kids in a rich person’s 14th century house. Beautiful place, low ceilings, beams, crooked doors, the lot. The kids had gone to bed and I was just lying watching TV when I saw the shadow of a man on the wall behind the telly. It walked across the room and out in to the garden, disappearing in to the darkness. It was REALLY WEIRD but I didn’t feel at all scared, I was just like “THAT was weird” and also I might have fallen asleep and dreamt it but OOOO SO SPOOPY.

I’ll be joined by Sooz Kempner and boylesque wonder Danny Ash at Gayeance on Sunday 27th October. Tickets are on sale now via Outsavvy. £8 in advance or £10 on the door.