Meet boylesque beauty Danny Ash who’ll be showing you his versatility at Gayeance! 🍑

Ahead of my Halloween seance spectacular Gayeance at The Glory I spoke with boylesque performer Danny Ash whose toosh will be helping me summon up some spirits from beyond the grave on Sunday 27th October!

Tell us Danny, how long have you been performing and how did you first get into the Boylesque scene?

9 years! Woah! I did a 10 week cabaret course back in 2011 at The Roundhouse with the legend that is Marisa Carnesky!  My graduating act was me wanking with Champagne bottles!!  Around that time I accidentally entered PORN IDOL – queued up at Heaven one night – free entry and free drinks if I was a contestant ! Gagging too! Haven’t looked back! 🍾

From burlesque to aerial, you’re a master of many skills- but what is your most secret talent? 

Sitting on things both ON and OFF stage 😂🎤🍆🍡 it seems that engaging your core (Pilates style) and deep relaxing yoga breaths are enough to let anything slip in! ‘Total Tops’ take note 😜 #Versalltheway #versismorefun

You’ll be giving us your best Freddie Mercury impression at Gayeance, which other queer icons are you influenced by?

Conchita Wurst- when she won Eurovision what a moment! Russia had just passed their anti gay law and this was a massive FUCK YOU! I got goose bumps. I’ve been impersonating her for years since, rising like a phoenix on aerial silks! 

Kylie- we have a lot in common- she’s small like me, seems so shy and quaint but blink – and the next minute she’s bouncing up and down erotically on exercise balls or she’s posing on top of a giant orgy – I love her coy sassyness. You don’t know what she’s going to do next.

Putin – not a queer icon! But I impersonate him in one of my numbers:  I ride a hobby horse topless, do naughty things with his gun 😉 in rebellion to his awful laws.

See Danny Ash rise at Gayeance on Sunday 27th October!

Halloween is always a great excuse to don a drag look, what are your best tips for newbie drag queens that will be creating their looks ahead of Halloween?

Plan well in advance ! Order stuff now! Practice make up before the night in question ! If you can! *should take own advice!

I’ll always remember deciding to cover my eyebrows for the FIRST TIME in the dressing room of Crystal’s Mariah and Friendz four years ago! Wax on the floor- panicking an hour and a half later- with 10mins until doors. What a disaster. Luckily some quick glue and glitter from Baby Lame and The Nightbus saved the day! 

And finally, what’s the spookiest thing that’s ever happened to you?

I used to look after adults with special needs. I was in this creeky old house sleeping over on the night shift. I woke up at 3am, and heard this long slow croaking moan…woke up in a fright- heart was going- totally freaked out. Looking back I think it was me snoring weirdly!

I’ll be joined by Danny Ash and comedian Sooz Kempner at Gayeance on Sunday 27th October. Tickets are on sale now via Outsavvy. £8 in advance or £10 on the door.