Fagulous is “London’s hottest new cabaret drag act” according to Glamour

As you know, I’m really not one to brag, showing off just isn’t my forte! I loath press attention, the very thought of Glamour magazine listing me as one of their favourite people to follow for a daily dose of fabulousness is too much to bear!

Oh who am I trying to kid? I love it! Grazie to Glamour for noticing how truly wonderful I am. Also, a gentle, non passive aggressive reminder to those not following me already…wtf are you playing at? For pithy takes on #life follow me on Twitter or for cute selfies head on over to my Instagram page.

If you haven’t already read Glamour magazine’s article 11 Fierce Drag Queens To Follow For Your Daily Dose of Fabulousness then I highly recommend that you do…#biased

And while I’ve still got your attention, here’s a subtle reminder to let you know that Gayeance 2019 tickets are now on sale. There’s a handful of £6 earl bird tickets still left, so grab them while you can!