31st August- Liza Minnelli’s Summer Cruise

Sun’s out, jazz hands out ☀️ Join Liza Minnelli aboard HMS Hampstead Heath, Liza will takes you on a whistle stop musical tour of some of her favourite summer spots! From the sand dunes in Gran Canaria to watching the sunset over Clapham Common, there’s fun to be had for all!

Pop on those budgie smugglers and grab those Halston sequins darling at London’s finest gay pub The Glory (Shoreditch) for a night of cruising and crooning that’ll see your summer cruising end with a bang!

💃> Liza Minnelli’s Summer Cruise
📅> Saturday 31st July
⏰> 7.00pm – 9.15pm
👯‍♀️ The Glory
🎟>  Outsavvy.com