Fagulous catches up with comedy sensation Sister Fibrosis ahead of Gayeance at The Glory

This interview is from Gayeance 2018 but guess what? My hit cabaret seance spectacular proved so popular that it’s back this year as well! Grab tickets now before it’s too late! 


Halloween is just around the corner and I’ve been polishing my crystal balls for weeks now in preparation for my outrageous seance cum cabaret show Gayeance: A Summoning of Dead Divas on Wednesday 31st October at The Glory.

I spoke with drag queen sensation Sister Fibrosis who’ll be doing a camp old turn as Joan Rivers on the night. She’s an absolute outrageous comedy starlet who should be on everyone’s radar, I’m super excited to be having her perform!

You’re an outrageous comedy queen, what do you think it takes to be a funny girl?

Comedic timing and a childhood struggle.

You’ll be giving us your best Joan Rivers at Gayeance, which other fabulous comediennes are you influenced by?

Dawn French, Lily Savage, Patricia Routledge, Jo Brand, Ruby Wax and recently Katherine Ryan.

Halloween is always a great excuse to don a drag look, what are your best tips for newbie drag queens that will be creating their looks ahead of Halloween?

My face is sponsored by Primark so if anyone knows how to pull a look from a bargain bin, it’s me. I once made an entire outfit out of me Nan’s net curtains and it went down a storm. Halloween outfits don’t have to be expensive. Just remember if you are on a budget this year to keep an eye out for a puddle in Tesco. Where there’s blame there’s a claim.

Which other dead divas do you wish you could bring back from the dead?

Whitney Houston, Brittany Murphy, Heath Ledger so I can sit on his face and Madonna circa Ray of Light.

And finally, what’s the spookiest thing that’s ever happened to you?

I once saw a girl in my kitchen out the corner of my eye. I’ve since started charging her rent.

Gayeance: A Summoning of Dead Divas will took place at The Glory (281 Kingsland Rd, London E2 8AS) on Wednesday 31st October.

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