Theresa May meets drag queen sensation Ophelia Love

Would you believe it, me Theresa May the dancing queen got her arse out for The Guardian... I’ll do anything for a bit of press coverage these days! Can you believe that my October edition of Legs Akimbo is just around the corner? I caught up with drag sensation Ophelia Love who’ll be strutting her stuff on Friday 19th October at The Glory.

I’m so excited to be having you at Legs Akimbo, you’re a multi-faceted artist, tell us more about what you’ll be doing on the night?

I might be bringing you one of the greatest female icons of the 21st February? Some call her a bit of a porker but I think she’s F.A.B

Ophelia, I’m trying to boost my follower count on Instagram. You’re an Instastar, what’s your best advice for getting down with the millennials and taking me from instaNO to instaHOE?

A cheeky boomerang of you being a wreckless bitch and running through that field would be camp! Or a Transformation Tuesday to when you had that lovely Pat Butcher barnet!

I’m currently taking Brexit advice from anybody these days. It’s got to the point where I’m thinking of asking Sonia from Eastenders to be my Brexit secretary. How do you think I should solve Brexit?

Sonia: Awright darlin’ it’s me lesbian Sonia from EastEnders, well! I love a good controversy as you know! So to solve Brexit I think you should flash ya minge!

My husband Philip really wants to do drag, what are you best starting tips for newbie queens?

Well I’m sure with your shrieking band dancing I’m sure he doesn’t need to worry about tucking, also a good wig never hurts ( I’m looking at you Cheryl!) also blend blend blend babe!

This month’s theme for Legs Akimbo is ‘For the Money, Not the Few’. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done for money?

Well, I’m currently in Disneyland trying to stay an extra day… I’m pretty desperate at this point ngl.

Boris Johnson is a very naughty boy! How do you propose I deal with his temper tantrums and bids to overrule me?!

Stick your kitten heel just below his overhanging stomach that should do it!

Buy your tickets now!


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