Theresa May interviews London cabaret super star HERR

Theresa May’s Legs Akimbo is back, and my legs will be spreading wider than the growing tensions between leavers and remainers. Ahead of this outrageous cabaret show that’ll be taking over the basement bar at The Glory, I the Rt. Hon Theresa May, have taken time out of my incredibly busy schedule of cocking things up to interview cabaret super star HERR who will be headlining my show on Thursday 9th August.

Theresa: So lovely to see you HERR, first question- what do the initials HERR stand for, they’re capitalised so they must mean something?

HERR: My name is capitalised because capitalism is popular right? And that’s what it means…right? Making things capital? So it’s a good thing. So I did it. And most importantly, I endorse it.

T: I love capitalism and surprisingly I love Drag Queens. I always thought Danny La Rue would have made a great leader of the Tory party! What is it about drag that you enjoy the most?

H: What I enjoy most about drag is the pay check, whenever it arrives. Oh and the fact that it’s a coping mechanism for my own dull existence without which I would be irrelevant.

HERR Fagulous Theresa May's Legs Akimbo

T: I might try that coping mechanism because god knows I need something right now. Third question, that RuPaul is everywhere these days- it wouldn’t surprise me if she started hosting Question Time. Who do you think should replace David Dimbleby?

H: I think David Dimbleby should be replaced by The Vicar of Dibley because the names sounds kind of similar? I think Dawn French needs to live her truth and become the character.

T: Talking about living your truth, the truth is that Brexit is turning into quite a big deal, it’s far too hard for me to swallow. What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever had to swallow?

H: The biggest thing I’ve ever had to swallow is my pride, whenever I take a corporate gig but you know…gals gotta eat!

Well there we have it, scene queen HERR can’t wait to show us her hard Brexit. Grab your tickets now for Theresa May’s Legs Akimbo: Hot Sweaty Brexit on Thursday 9th August.

Fagulous as Theresa May Drag Queen Theresa May's Legs Akimbo


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