Spare a thought, if Theresa May goes I could be out of a job!

Originally written 07/09/18 | Edited on 12/12/18

For some, the thought of Theresa May being ousted as PM doesn’t seem all too bad! But spare a thought for all the Theresa May drag queens across the UK who are sat watching the news clutching their pearls. 48 Tory MPs have signed letters of no confidence  in Mrs. May’s premiership meaning there will now be a vote on her position as leader, but those 48 MPs are also trying to topple my standing as Britain’s leading drag queen Theresa May impersonator. 


Andrea Leadsom-Fagulous
Andrea Leadsom’s Legs Akimbo probably won’t get the punters in.

So what if Theresa does loose the vote and there is another leadership contest, who could take the crown? It would be extremely hard for us drag queens to find a suitable Michael Gove wig and Andrea Leadsom’s Legs Akimbo doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. Penny Mordaunt has the right kind of upper class nanny vibe that would be wonderfully mocked by fruits in tights all across the country. But the question is, does she have the spinelessness that make’s Mrs May so easily ridiculed?

Penny_Theresa May
Mrs. Mordaunt looks like she’d spank her ministers into shape but is it enough to please a gaggle of drunk gays?

Whatever you make of Theresa’s crumbling premiership, there’s one thing you cannot deny, the tea is juicy and it’s coming in thick and fast. But perhaps you’re not too fussed, or maybe you’re waiting for the moment Jezza C and Diane Abbott ride into Parliament on the back of a lion singing The Red Flag. No matter what political side of the spectrum you fall into, there’s no denying that the drama could mean unemployment for drag queens and that certainly is something worth kicking up a stink over.