Spare a thought, if Theresa May goes I could be out of a job!

It’s just another manic Monday for Theresa May as Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and Brexit Secretary David Davis resign over the Brexit (dis)agreement made at Chequers on Friday. Just three days after their 12 hour kiki at the PM’s official country residence it appears that the Conservative party is now in total disarray and I could soon be made redundant.

Now this doesn’t seem all too bad, the dragon lady is getting her comeuppance but spare a thought for all the Theresa May drag queens across the UK who are sat watching the news clutching their pearls. Only 48 Tory MPs are needed to sign a letter of no confidence in Mrs. May to call for a vote on her position as leader, but those 48 MPs are also trying to topple my standing asΒ Britain’s leading drag queen Theresa May impersonator.Β 

Fingers crossed that Theresa listens to the tweet I sent her earlier today and will stick around till at least August 9th. That way my cabaret show Theresa May’s Legs AkimboΒ won’t necessarily be as out of date as is could (probably will) be.

Andrea Leadsom-Fagulous
Andrea Leadsom’s Legs Akimbo probably won’t get the punters in.

So what if there is (another) leadership contest, who could take the crown? It would be extremely hard for us drag queens to find a suitable Michael Gove wig and Andrea Leadsom’s Legs Akimbo doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. Penny Mordaunt has the right kind of upper class ‘Super Nanny’ vibe to her that would be wonderfully mocked by fruits in tights all across the country. But the question is, does she have the spinelessness that make’s Mrs May so easily ridiculed?

Penny_Theresa May
Mrs. Mordaunt looks like she’d spank her ministers into shape but is it enough to please a gaggle of drunk gays?

Whatever you make of Theresa’s crumbling cabinet there’s one thing you cannot deny, the tea is juicy and it’s coming in thick and fast. You only need to be following a selection of Twitter gays to be getting the best gags and memes out of this political shit show.

But perhaps you’re not too fussed, or maybe you’re waiting for the moment Jezza C and Diane Abbott ride into Parliament on the back of a lion waving their big red flag? No matter what political side of the spectrum you fall into there’s no denying that Huw Edwards is rocking the silver fox look right now. Bring on the drama, bring on the resignations, bring on more of Huw Edwards.

Theresa May_Resignation-Fagulous_Drag_Queen