Watch these chefs toss off pancakes to get you in the mood for Shrove Tuesday!

Pancake day is here once again! The yearly excuse to gorge yourself on sweet fried batter in the name of Jesus Christ- as if you needed an excuse in the first place. If you’re looking for some food porn to get you into the swing of things look no further…

Jamie Oliver gives it to us soft and fluffy in this speedy guide to making the perfect sweet or savoury circle of joy. What Jamie doesn’t know about using a knob of butter isn’t worth knowing!

I’m living for this throwback to when McFly were relevant. Watch Gordon Ramsay show these pop has-beens how to give a pancake a good toss off.

Queen of innuendo Nigella Lawson shows us how to make healthy (using the term loosely) pumpkin pancakes- delicious! Channel your inner Nigella and do the best tossing you’ve ever done in your life!

Toss off Paul Hollywood’s pancake? You don’t need to ask me twice! Here the daddy of baking offers us his best tips on getting a perfectly scrumptious pancake! Watching him toss his batter will make you drool.



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