6 Essentials You Need to Channel Your Inner Heather.

Grab your croquet mallets and put your best shoulder pads forward; 80’s cult hit Heathers will be making an outrageous comeback in March this year. The new TV series looks to be explosively outrageous and I can’t wait!

I remember watching the original Heathers when it came free in a copy of the Daily Mail. 15 year old me gagged to be a ruthless Heather then, and I’m still gagging to be one now!

Everyone deserves to channel their inner Heather (Chandler, McNamara, Duke…delete where appropriate). These lifestyle must haves are essential for anyone wanting to be the queen bees of Westerberg High!

ASOS Double Breasted Bold Check Blazer - £55.jpg
Double Breasted Bold Check Blazer, £55; ASOS

Check yourself before you wreck yourself. This stunning double breasted blazer from ASOS is exactly what you need to be a ruthless Heather.

Curl Defining Hair Creme, £24.00; Bumble and bumble

What did all the Heathers have in common? They gave good head. Get that 80’s full and bouncy perm look with Bumble and bumble’s Curl Defining Hair Creme.

Croquet set, £350: The Conran Shop

Knock out the competition with this gorgeous croquet set from The Conran Shop. But remember,  Heather Chandler is always red.

Pink Glitter Notebook, £10; Paperchase

‘Dear diary, my teenage angst bullshit has a body count’ an iconic line from an iconic gal. Now you too can pretend to be Veronica Sawyer and write all your secrets in this fabulous diary…or use it to practice your handwriting forgery!

Red Hair Scrunchie, £2.50; Claire’s Accessories

If you want to be the Heather in charge then you simply have to make sure you’re wearing a red hair scrunchie. Claire’s should be your go-to,  mostly because they’re probably the only shop to still sell hair scrunchies.

Jenny Packham Black Dress, £180; Debenhams

You’ll be going to a hell of a lot of funerals whilst channeling your inner Heather, which isn’t always a bad thing. You’ll get to have a wadrobe full of morbidly camp dresses and the free food at a wake is always a highlight in my opinion.

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