How to Look Like You’re Wearing a Luxury Bin Bag


Looking like a luxury bin bag has never been so chic. The humble puffer jacket, a fashion staple that will add a cushiony plumpness to any winter wardrobe, has become the trend-du-jour amongst the fashion savvy.

Admittedly now is the time that you should be planning your spring/summer looks, but let’s be honest it’s effing freezing outside and we all need something to keep our cockles warm in these dark gloomy days.


Taking inspiration from the traditional bin bag, this Moncler puffer jacket is giving us waste disposal realness.

Is a black puffer jacket too dower? Then try a puffer jacket in metallic gold? You’ll lift any winter blues looking like Edina Monsoon emerging from a Biffa bin.



Over at Topman you can dazzle looking like a gilded Michelin Man in their fantastic range of metallic puffer jackets. At just £100 it’s an absolute winter steal!

Asos_Puffer_Jacket.pngASOS are an equal match with their gorgeous range of silver puffer jackets, you can look like a cute stuffed turkey- fabulous! At the reduced price of £24.00 you’ll have to grab one quick whilst stocks last.

The shinier the better! The question is why wouldn’t you want to wear a jacket that looks like a piece of thermal insulation? So if you’ve ever wanted to look like a fabulous cushiony bin bag, metallic puffer jackets are the way to go.

Stay fabulous.