6 stocking fillers your sugar daddy needs to buy you!


Ahh Christmas, a time of giving and receiving or being versatile in both disciplines. It might come as a surprise that there are only a few more shopping days to go before the big day. Any economist will tell you that the country’s economy is only kept afloat by the hoards of sugar daddies buying their dependants exactly what they want over the December period. But the perennial question looms over any sugar baby, what exactly should you be asking your sugar daddy to buy you this Christmas? Fear not, I’ve compiled a list of the most sought after gifts to fill the stockings of any wide-eyed twink.


Show off your crown jewels in these fancy baroque print Versace underpants. Nothing says Joyeux Noël quite like a campy brief!


Smell like you’ve just poured your favourite cocktail all down your front at G-A-Y Late.  This Jo Malone cologne is the perfect gift for your sugar daddy to splash out on!

Fagulous Christmas Sugar Daddy Gifts Iphone XSend daddy your best selfies yet with the brand new iPhone’s X. Waste no more time editing your pics with the phone’s portrait lighting mode, or send your daddy an animoji pig to get straight to the point- oink oink!

NEWFagulous Christmas Sugar Daddy Gifts La Mer Skin Cream

Look and feel like the ultimate twink inside and out with La Mer’s rejuvenating skincare gift set. At a mere £290, these pots of glory will keep your sugar daddy thinking you’re still in your early 20s.


If your daddy hasn’t booked a surprise getaway to Capri this Christmas then you should definitely consider trading him in after the new year. If he doesn’t give you a travel wallet with matching Gucci swim shorts, you ‘aint going nowhere.


Depending on how big your stocking is, a bottle of Champagne shouldn’t go amiss! The label on this Dom Pérignon says ‘ripe and fruity’ a bit like you then?

Much love,