A Fag Goes Wild in Edinburgh- The Conclusion

As my Edinburgh journey comes to an end, there’s a nagging sense that I wish I had seen more, but it’s obviously impossible to see everything. Edinburgh Fringe swallows you up and can often make you feel lost, but rest assured the friendly Edinburgh folk will soon have you back on your way. I think it takes a couple of Fringe trips to really feel like you’re doing it properly.

On this Edinburgh journey I’ve discovered that carrying a venti soya latte gives you a superior sense of entitlement which has helped no end with my nagging ‘why-aren’t-I-doing-a-show-at-the-fringe-will-someone-please-validate-me’ anxiety.

I’ve seen some wonderful shows, Newsrevue, Northern Power Blouse, Myra Dubois to name but a few. There’s been some wonderfully terrible shows too, a 58 year old woman wielding an accordion singing about her vagina, a 30 minute drama about a banker who can’t get an erection e.t.c. That’s the fun of the fringe, you throw yourself in and you’ll never know what you’ll end up diving into.

Fringe should be on everyone’s bucket list, even if you’re a non theatre/arty/wanky luvvie. The comedy on offer is stellar and nothing can beat prowling around the Pleasance courtyard and doing some light minor celeb spotting. I’m super excited for next year’s fringe even if that is 52 weeks away!

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Much love,



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