A Fag Goes Wild in Edinburgh: Day Three

A Fag Goes Wild In EdinburghMonday 7th August

I fell in love with the people of Edinburgh two years ago when I happened to lose my suitcase full of drag on a bus top tour of the city.

The kind Scots managed to track it down and get it back to me all with a cheery smile. Their accent melts my heart and warms my soul, but dear god are they slow walkers. Twice I got trapped behind a dawdling family whilst trying to sprint from venue to venue.

Interesting start to the morning, I watched a musical about the murder of a teenage boy. Luckily I managed to get in at a concessionary rate because the girl at the box office believed me when I lied about still being a student.

A lot of people here at Fringe look vaguely familiar, I saw a comedy show and honestly thought for the first ten minutes of the set that the comedian on stage was Ruth Davidson.

The Edinburgh Cocktail Festival is in full swing, apparently. I popped in but everything looked like it had just come from East London so gave it  a pass, had a nice sausage roll though so not all too bad.

Free Fringe throws up some right comedy lark, I dropped in on the gorgeously talented Northern Power Blouse (@ComedyBlouse) girls today who presented their stellar sketch show. They’re definitely a set to watch giving the audience a polyester fiesta of kitsch wigs and campy costumes.

And to another gem who you can see free of charge, I’ll be watching the divine Myra Dubois wrap her caustic tongue around revellers at The Counting House tonight which promises to be a real treat.

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