A Fag Goes Wild In Edinburgh: Day Two

A Fag Goes Wild In Edinburgh

Sunday 6th August

Always check what day a performance is on. I got caught out this morning when I thought I was going to see a play about a drug addict but ended up seeing a two hander about two dogs having an existential crisis. Swings and roundabouts really.

Popped in to see some ad hoc cabaret, then had a spot of lunch- a coronation chicken sandwich from the Co-op and a packet of haggis flavoured crisps, you can’t say I’m not up for trying the local cuisine.

I had a quick Americano from a local cafe that had an atmosphere of being a location in some bizarre Muriel Spark novel, but at £1.50 a cup you can’t turn  your nose up at it. There’s a lovely row of interior design shops that sell lovely little pretty things to waste your money on just along Cockburn Street. The prices are quite cheap really, I might break it to them that they could sell their wares at double the amount in London! One major difference between Edinburgh and London town is the students. Here in Edinburgh they carry themselves with an arty grace that doesn’t smell of the bitter disappointment of crippling rent prices like back home, it’s quite refreshing really.

This will be just a quickie update, for I’m currently trapped in an underground bar that reeks of heterosexuality. A gaggle of middle aged women are shrieking in the corner over a bottle of Pinot Grigio- lord help me!

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